John P Services Group, Inc has been operating a Temp Service for 3 years placing workers on a temporary basis in Dallas, Fort Worth, New Jersey and the Florida Panhandle such as Fort Walton Beach, Navarre and Pensacola. We have a network of warehouse workers looking for temporary employment.

We have seen first hand the problems associated with traditional temp services who provide placement for warehouse workers. They have mostly not been able to separate the responsible, dedicated worker from all others. It results in no-shows or under achievers and/or bad attitudes.

This website was developed to weed out the most dedicated, most responsible workers looking for work in a warehouse. We are supporting the Dallas, Fort Worth, Florida Panhandle (Pensacola to Destin to Panama City)  and New Jersey markets. If a Professional is an under achiever or is a no-show they simply will no longer be a part of our network. Conversely, for those Professionals who do meet or  exceed expectations they will flourish with as much shift opportunities as they want.  Our goal is to make this website a win-win for both Businesses and Professionals.


This website will build a network of warehouse professionals in specific areas. Currently those areas are Dallas, Fort Worth, Florida Panhandle (Pensacola to Destin to Panama City) and New Jersey. The person in charge of staffing a warehouse will decide who they want to work for them, not us!  We, however, will take on the responsibility of paying the warehouse worker for the work they do for a Business. After the work is finished the Business will have an opportunity to rate and review a Professional’s work.

We basically just present Professionals to a Business who they might want to have work for them.

If your event is in Dallas area and looking for warehouse workers in Dallas, or warehouse workers in Fort Worth we have the professional you are looking for, or if your event is in the Fort Worth area we also have warehouse workers in Fort Worth looking for work.