John P Services Group, Inc has been operating a Temp service for a number of years. 

We have seen first hand the problems associated with traditional temp services. which are mostly not being able to separate the responsible, dedicated workers from all others. It results in no-shows or under achievers and/or bad attitudes.

This website was developed to weed out the most dedicated, most responsible warehouse workers in the market place. Currently we are supporting networks in Dallas, Fort Worth, New Jersey and the Florida Panhandle. If a Professional is an under achiever or is a no-show they simply will no longer be a part of our network. Conversely, for those Professionals who do meet or exceed expectations they will flourish with as much shift opportunities as they want. Our goal is to make this website a win-win for both Businesses and Professionals.

This website will build a network of warehouse Professionals in specific areas. The business will decide who they want to work for them, not us!  We, however, will take on the responsibility of paying the Professional for their work they do for a Business. After the work is finished the Business will have an opportunity to rate and review a Professional’s work. 

We basically just present warehouse worker Professionals to a Business who they might want to have work for them. 

If you are looking for shift staff in Dallas and looking for warehouse workers in Dallas,  we have the professional you are looking for, or if your event is in the Fort Worth area we also have Fort Worth Warehouse Workers. We have also opened up a network covering north and central New Jersey.


For Businesses looking for Warehouse Workers

  • register as a Business by clicking on “I Am a Business” under REGISTER or by clicking on the red “Register Me” button on the right. It is FREE to register. You will be presented with the Terms and Conditions which will disclose the hourly rates for the Professionals. After registering you will receive a confirmation email with a link to a Credit Card Authorization form for you to fill out. Once you are approved….

  • click on “Post My Shift Job” under FOR BUSINESSES, or click on The orange button on the right that reads “Post My Shift Job” and fill out your needs

  • Your needs and information about your event will go out to Professionals in our network meeting your needs

  • When a Professional signs up to work your shift you will be notified by a text message AND by email

  • You can then pull up his/her profile and read the reviews from past employers and Shift Managers

  • You then can accept the Professional or turn the Professional down. You have complete control

  • Even after your shift is fully staffed, the website will continue to staff alternates in case of a cancellation by a Professional.

  • Once your event is completed you will have the opportunity to write a review on the Professional


If you are a business or a host looking for shift warehouse workers in Dallas or for a shift warehouse workers Fort Worth look to Hourly Shifts to fill your needs. All of our network waitstaff professionals are over achievers with excellent reviews.


For Professionals (Warehouse Workers)

  • register as a Professional by clicking on “I Am a Professional” under REGISTER or click on the red “Register Me” button on the right.

  • You will receive events looking for your skills. You will receive them in the form of an email and a text message

  • At any time you can scan open positions by clicking on “Shifts With Open Positions” under FOR PROFESSIONALS, or by clicking on the green “Shifts With Open Positions” button on the right. From here you can apply for the position.

  • Even if an event is staffed you can still apply as an Alternate. Then if there is a cancellation you can fill the position.